Let's get Social

Social Media is a brilliant way to reach your customers and engage with potential clients, network business to business and reach influencers and new brands and get your brand noticed. It increases your brand awareness, drives website traffic, targets your customers and can build a community. I love the flexibility and reach that Social Media provides; it works for small businesses right up to big brands but you have to get it right. Which is why it's good to delegate it to someone that knows what they are doing.

I can provide social media strategy, day to day management or develop specific time-limited campaigns. I'll set up your platforms and hand them back to you fully optimised or I can carry on with day to day management whatever works best for you. I can also provide one to one training.

NB! Social media is not an overnight solution and you do have to allow time to let it grow!


Social Media Strategy and Audit

I’ll provide you with a social media marketing strategy that defines your social media marketing objectives in line with your business plans. I can also audit your current platforms and suggest what's working and what's not and analyse your competitors...


Social Media Management

I can manage your platforms on a daily basis. Following a strategic look at your platforms or even just setting up polishing and optimizing them. Creating a mix of bespoke copy and curated content and original branded graphics.


Social Media Training

Want to do it yourself? Maybe you just want an overview and then some bespoke traning on specific platforms. Platform optimisation. That's fine. Once I have found out what you need to know we can schedule some time for one to one training or a workshop.

My workshop training can be booked here.

Why pay someone?

Your business is fabulous and you want your social media to be fabulous too. But how much time do you have to devote to your social media? Do you have a strategy or is it more of a scattergun approach? Focusing on 1 or 2 platforms where your customers are is more important than being present on every platform - badly.

I'll get to know your business and understand what will work for you with a detailed strategy and audit, identifying and researching the people you want to connect with.

  • I continuously keep up to date with the latest developments in the fast-moving world of digital
  • Creative thinking and new ways to do things are what I do.
  • You need a Chief Content Creator...!
  • There's nearly always an app for that you just need to know about it.
  • I'll find the influencers that can help your social media reach further
  • I'll measure and reflect and analyse what's working and what's not.
  • I'm a qualified digital mum. I completed a six-month course in all things social media management and strategy with Digital Mums so I know strategic best practice rather than a random approach. Social media should be monitored for success and it should be strategic.

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