About me

There's not much in the past 20 years as an Executive Assistant that hasn’t been thrown at me.

Working for a variety of financial institutions and for a small niche investor relations marketing company. I have also worked in business travel, for an airline and I have a degree in Tourism and Geography.
I am passionate about constantly learning and evolving as my career changes. I class myself as a life long learner - not content to stay static and always looking for new and better ways to do things. I qualified as a Social Media Manager with Digital Mums in London in 2017. I offer a bespoke online business management and social media marketing consultancy.
I also love promoting the beautiful area of South Devon where I live and productivity has become a bit of a passion of mine if you follow me on social media you'll see this! I like to tick the boxes properly and I'm fully insured with Policy Bee and registered with the ICO.
Get in contact and let me know how I can help you!